LBJ – dir Rob Reiner

This was a history lesson with a very engaging character performance from Woody Harrelson.  My mother loved it, but she remembers the time well so enjoy the historical details.  Me, I enjoyed it, especially the one-liners.  Lyndon B Johnston was a character that like to joke around and use profanity shamelessly.  This makes for some eye raising dialogue for a President.  And Woody, who is Texan, was absolutely perfect.  The only thing I found a little distracting was the prosthetic make up.  Ladybird was played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. She was great, but it wasn’t as big a role as I was expecting.

The film focused on LBJ’s early days as JFKs Vice President and then his early term as President focused on the passing of the civil rights bill.  There is a whole part 2 to be told around the Vietnam war, and if it happens, Woody will definitely have to come back to play this part again.

Expect to see Woody in the awards discussion. He is that good, despite the make up.

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