The Journey is the Destination – dir Bronwen Hughes

I didn’t know what to expect from this film, but the topic seemed compelling.  Plus it was directed by a woman and I was specifically looking for good films directed by women. Am I ever glad I picked this one, as I was very moved by the story and really enjoyed how the the film was constructed.

At 22, Dan Eldon had accomplished more than most of have in a lifetime. Fearless, compassionate and creative, he has left a legacy for his family to treasure.  The film is largely leveraged from the incredibly detailed and artistic journals he kept. I loved the way his pieces were woven into the film.

His mother stood with the director at the premiere.  I have to think that his family had a lot to do with bringing this film to the screen.

Highly recommend seeing this film, especially if you are a parent of a spirited young person!


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