2018 Oscar Nomination Snubs

Only a few nominations for so many outstanding achievements in film, and given film appreciation is so subjective, the politics and money influencing voting, some of our favourites are always left out.  For me, the nominations this year are fairly predictable, and while there were some well deserved nominations for people who still suffer as minorities in the business (hopefully the tides are changing for good), a few things bug me a little.  That said, I struggle with who to bump off the nomination list for some of the misses, so perhaps the voting was close.  For the purposes of this light hearted rant I will not always choose who to replace.  I live in a world where everyone is a winner.

The most obvious slight in my mind is Martin McDonagh not being nominated for Best Director. There are a few other directors in this category where the film has far fewer nominations so I am trying to understand what does into being “Best Director”. At the risk of sounding sarcastic, I guess the academy feels Three Billboards directed itself?

Of all of the films of 2017, Call Me by Your Name is the most adored by those who have seen it.  Last night I went to a screening and most of us there were seeing it for the second or third time. I do love this film. Missing from the nominations are Luca Guadagnino for Best Director, a Cinematography nomination, and Best Supporting Actor nominations for the incredible Armie Hammer and Michael Stuhlbarg.

I get shutting films out of Best Picture noms where all they are is special effects, but Blade Runner 2049 was a tremendous acheivement with an amazing story and some excellent performances from Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. I can forego the acting nominations as there was  fierce competition in the categories, but in my opinion Blade Runner 2049 was worthy of Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay nominations.  The Post???   Seriously?????   There was room for Blade Runner 2049.

I quietly hoped that if the list of Best Directors was to include a woman, Ruby Dees would be recognized for her incredible and tragic portrait of racial struggle in the muddy south.  Also Jason Mitchell’s stellar performance was overlooked in the Best Actor category.  I haven’t seen Denzel’s performance yet so I am not sure who I would bump to make room for Jason just yet.

Has no one seen First They Killed My Father? It should have been a lock for Cinematography and potentially Adapted Screenplay but sadly it is one of the best forgotten films of the year. I think it got caught in a gap between Foreign and the main category.

I, Tonya did get Actress (Margot Robbie), Supporting Actress (Alison Janney) and Editing nominations, but arguably missed a well deserved Best Picture nomination….as well as potentially Costume Design.  Come on, those outfits were the bomb!

Before we start giving Meryl Streep 1000th nomination for being MERYL STREEP, should we not look to recognize amazing performances of up and coming actresses like Emma Stone in Battle of the Sexes? As Frances McDormand said at the SAG awards, these young ladies need doorstops too.

Phantom Thread released late in the game and may have missed out as a result. I also think it was promoted oddly so not enough people are going to see it.  I believe it could easily have picked up Hair and Make-Up given there are currently only three in the category, but the most adacious oversight is Vicky Krieps in the Best Actress category. There is no reason to nominate Meryl Streep when you have Vicky (or Emma Stone) to choose from.

And what the heck Academy??? Isn’t Brett Morgan’s Jane the Documentary darling? I haven’t seen it but I have heard enough to question its omission!

My list of snubs might grow as I absorb the nominations and remember what I saw this past year.  As always, I remind myself that the Oscars are “just for fun” and well the subjectivity, politics, and of course the money… This year I think there is something for everyone to cheer for.  And it is up to us to treasure our favourite films over time, and over time the stuff that bugs us will wear off and the true gems will shine.

2018 Oscar Snublist


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