Phantom Thread (2017) Paul Thomas Anderson

I really loved this film. I do love clothes and fashion, so I may be biased about this one. I am sure you have judged by the trailers that this is not your garden variety love story. With P.T. Anderson you should be prepared to experience something different, something peculiar. The film started out with an excruciating bit of music, but I think it may have been a tease. Johnny Greenwood’s last soundtrack for THERE WILL BE BLOOD was unbearable for some. This soundtrack was beautiful and melodic for the most part, save for those first few seconds.

The performances in this film are brilliant in this absolutely gorgeous film. The script is impeccable and delivered by a masterclass of actors. You will be wanting to recall many of the lines, I promise you. You cannot imagine any one else in the role of Reynolds Woodcock and I really hope this isn’t Daniel Day Lewis’s last film. Leslie Manville steals the show as Reynolds Woodcock’s sister Cyril, or “Old So and So” as Reynolds refers to her. Others need actual words to convey what Manville can get across with her amazingly expressive face. Vicky Krieps is wonderful and a match for Daniel Day Lewis’s brilliance.

While its not my absolute favourite film of the year, I think it is now in the top 5. All three, Daniel Day Lewis, Vicky Krieps and Leslie Manville are worthy of academy awards for this one, as is the music, the screenplay, cinematography, costumes, hair and make-up and set design. Given all of that, I think it is worthy of Best Picture and Director nominations. Let’s see what Tuesday brings.

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