Out of Blue

Directed by Carol Morley

Starring Patricia Clarkson, Mamie Gummer, Toby Jones, James Caan and Jackie Weaver

This was a brilliant and promising combination, Patricia Clarkson + New Orleans + Noir + Police drama + Female Director. But what should have been great went ridiculously wrong.

From Patricia Clarkson sporting an over powering dark wig jangling handcuffs on her belt to the overly colour enhanced accents in most scenes and the cliche dialogue, this felt a bit like a dress up party.

The plot ran back and forth so many times over itself, any semblance of a twist or turn was squashed. Not sure who edited the screenplay or the film, or if it was edited at all.

And Toby Jones’ character seemed like an afterthought. If you are going to add a subplot, add a subplot. This is a movie not a TV show.

Sum up… a campy, messed-up, dream sequence Law & Order episode.

Apologies to the filmmakers but this was the worst film I saw at TIFF.

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