Directed by Thomas Vinterberg

Starring Matthias Schoenaerts, Colin Firth and Lea Seydoux

It’s a Russian story, about a preventable tragedy told by a Danish Filmmaker, starring Belgian, French, Swedish, German, Swiss and Croatian actors. Something tells me this is not going to do well in Russia.

I think true submarine film fans will be disappointed that this film doesn’t focus on the more technical aspects of what went wrong when the Kursk sank. The best parts of the film where the intense scenes of survival focused on the men in the submarine, but with lots of focus on the families left behind, this film ended up coming across a bit like a made for TV melodrama. In the Q&A Vinterberg said he wanted to focus on the human story and how it conflicted with the bureaucracy that determined Russian action, and lack there of, to rescue those trapped in the sunken warcraft. It was harrowing and emotional, I shed tears, so I think he achieved his goal on the human front.

The best part of this film is Alexandre Desplat’s gorgeous musical score. The man is an absolute genius. If this isn’t nominated for best score, I will raise hell.

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