The Disaster Artist

Directed by James Franco, starring James Franco, Dave Franco, Arie Graynor, Seth Rogan and Alison Brie

If you were going to tackle bringing The Disaster Artist to life on screen you would need to be a match for Tommy Wiseau particularly as it pertains to ambition and fearlessness. James Franco is about the most fearless and ambitious figure in film I can think of at the moment. And the more I see his work, the more talented I think he is. And the guy is an energizer bunny. If you look at his repertoire of work lately, it’s never ending. I am not sure when he actually sleeps. Last spring I had the privilege of seeing him at work in my own neighborhood filming Stephen King’s 11/22/63. And now in HBO’s The Deuce he’s playing two people at the same time!! I digress, this is about The Disaster Artist. But the point is, James Franco is not a man who sees limits and neither is Tommy Wiseau. You don’t need talent to have vision, and can’t let people tell you what you can and cannot do if you want to achieve your dreams.

If you’ve seen clips of Wiseau’s cult classic, The Room, you know that Tommy is not the best actor or director. You have heard the film is off its rocker. And you probably had little desire to sit through it. But after seeing The Disaster Artist, I think you might change your mind.

The Disaster Artist is a great film. It’s a heartfelt re-enactment of Tommy Wiseau’s ridiculous and hopeful creative journey. James Franco captures the essence of this outrageous individual, his kindness and his uncompromising spirit, as he takes his crew of fellow filmmakers on this ridiculous amateur filmmaker’s journey.

Tommy Wiseau is an enigma. He has an unusual European accent, yet he claims to come from Louisiana. He drives a Mercedes and has homes in San Francisco and LA. With a seemingly unlimited source of funds (that we are not supposed to ask about) he spent $6 million of his own money to make The Room. Yes money can buy just about anything, but this story is not about that.

We are fortunate that his good friend and collaborator Greg Sestero wrote the book, The Disaster Artist, on which this film is based.

I encourage you to see it. You might think differently about listening to your heart and following your ambitions.

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