Death of Stalin

I am not sure how Iannuci came up with Steve Buscemi as Russian leader Khrushchev but fantastically it works in this satirical re-enactment of Stalin’s death and what follows to establish the new rule for Russia. It’s a comedy, it’s silly, pokes fun at Russian politics, Stalin, his family and his cabinet. This could be any country. I would love to hear what Russians think of it.

An amazing cast overall but my favourites by far are Jason Isaacs as Georgy Zhukov, Commander in Chief, and Rupert Friend as highly unpredictable loose cannon son, Vasily Stalin. Can we please have more of these two in comedies? Both stole a few scenes with their brilliant dry Brit delivery. And Michael Palin in the role of Molotov, doing what he does so well, stuttering, now I must now go watch A Fish Called Wanda.

I do need to brush up on my Soviet politics because I missed a few jokes. Will see this again some day.

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