A Season in France

This was my last TIFF film so at this point I’d seen 29 other films, was tired and in need of something gripping to keep my interest, so perhaps this reflection is not entirely objective.

The story is a very important one, and so vital that people understand the plight of refugees. This is a story of a man, his two young children and his brother who have sought refuge and a new life in France. Like many, they have suffered traumatic events and tragic loss.

This was a slow film that seemed to skate around the lives of these desperate people. It wasn’t until near the end that I felt emotionally invested in anyone. I craved more from the characters to convey their story, to feel their pain and frustration. This seemed to just scratch the surface and then was reduced to a story of love and loss at the end. There is so much more to be gained from stories of refugees that seemed to be missing from this film.

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