Una – Dir Benedict Andrews

Cast: Rooney Mara, Ben Mendelsohn and Riz Ahmed

Another “why” film? Based on the play Blackbird, this is another film where the subject of the film crosses a line most of us are are not comfortable with, and that subject is adults engaging in sexual relations with minors. If you are a normal moral human being, this is NEVER okay. This story seems to play with the idea that maybe it is okay. Maybe the adult here was seduced by a manipulative 13 year old. No.My head is shaking, no. Even if a silly young girl flirts with a 40 year old man, it is NEVER, I repeat NEVER okay for him to engage in romantic or sexual relationship.

Maybe this film was saying that it is not okay. Maybe I just hated both the main characters. Thank goodness for Riz Ahmed, because I otherwise disliked this movie.

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