La La Land – Dir Damien Chazelle

Cast – Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, John Legend and Rosemarie DeWitt

I really wasn’t sure what to expect for this one.  Everyone had been raving about it.  I loved Damien’s first powerhouse film, Whiplash. But a musical? Really? Part of me was bracing to hate it. But I didn’t hate it. I loved it. Do they going sing their lines like in Grease? Not really. Are the songs corny and annoying? Not particularly.

The film works on many levels. Its charming, heartwarming, funny at times and highly entertaining. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have incredible chemistry, as we’ve seen in Crazy Stupid Love and Gangster Squad.  I think because we have seen them together before we are really starting to believe they are a couple.  Sorry Eva!  It is also nice to see triple threat performers in their element.

Some complained about the sound at this screening at the historic Elgin theatre, but did not notice any issues. The Elgin is by far one of my favourite TIFF theatres.

This very accessible film will do extremely well, and so it should.  And let’s see if a musical can win the Oscar for Best Picture.  I cannot wait to see what Damien does next!

The beautiful and historic Elgin Theatre!

Piers Handling and Damien Chazelle

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