Paterson – Dir Jim Jaramusch

Cast: Adam Driver,  Golshifteh Farahani and Nellie (the dog)

This film is a charmer. I loved it.  It’s not a huge movie, but they don’t all have to be.  I’d seen some pretty heavy films at TIFF leading up to this and my brain thanked me afterwards for this delightful indie film which is sure to be loved by many.

I picked this film, not only because it was a crowd favourite at Sundance, because my grandfather was a bus driver.  I know first hand that you are never just a bus driver.  People who enjoy driving a transit bus are great observers who love people.

There is an English bull dog in the film, Marvin, who steals a few scenes. A film for dog lovers as well as dog haters, but no spoilers here.

While you don’t need to see this one on a huge screen, seeing it somewhere will be good for the soul.

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