Trespass Against Us – Dir Adam Smith

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson, Sean Harris, Rory Kinnear, Lyndsey Marshal, Killian Scott

This is a movie about the hard lives of travelling people. It is a side of life and a culture we don’t often see in film, and if we do its a sub plot where they are not always portrayed well. This however, is a very heartwarming story about the people with good performances from all. My only negative comment is that it really should have had subtitles. My family are from Northern Ireland and East London, so usually I can understand Brits in films, but travelling people have very unusual accents. Remember Brad Pitt in The Snatch? Did you understand him? Hopefully someone will make the suggestion as I think it would make a big difference. Heck I, Daniel Blake had subtitles.

Even though there were bits of dialogue that I missed, I enjoyed this very heartwarming movie.  Will watch it again some day and use my rewind to make sure I get all the good bits.

Best part of seeing this film at TIFF was the Q&A.  When Lyndsay Marshal was asked why she wanted the part, she said she was sleeping with the screenwriter, but then that they had three children.  She then elaborated.  Apparently her husband, Alastair Siddons, is not a screenwriter by trade, he’s a documentary filmmaker. He had made a documentary and met this memorable travelling family who he wanted to tell a story about. Took him many years of trolling around their flat in his bathrobe with a fag in his mouth, but he finally did it. And we are glad he did!


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