Baby Driver, Directed by Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright’s latest fast moving, loud, shoot ’em up romp may have some big headliner names in it but they are not playing the lead here. The lead character here is one hell of a cracking soundtrack and it’s what Wright apparently started with to make this highly entertaining film. Don’t get me wrong, the acting ensemble is fabulous, but it was the music that I walked away with remembering. There are loads of films that have great soundtracks, but they are not usually used in the choreography or dialogue of a scene.  The use of music here is very clever and it works.

The plot may have been a bit fluffy, but was completely willing to forego the details and settle in on the fun, the action and above all, the music. First thing I did when I got home was download the music.  It’s still playing daily in my car and I have to  be very concious of my speed, especially when Hocus Pocus by Focus comes on.

Edgar Wright’s films have not disappointed me yet. Really looking forward to his next one.

2 thoughts on “Baby Driver, Directed by Edgar Wright

  1. I’ve had Hocus Pocus by Focus stuck on repeat too… did you catch the lyrics in the Young MC song (Know How) that was played later?

    My name is Young MC, I like to rock mic well
    Cuz when I get up on the mic I just release my spell
    It’s no hocus-pocus, I’ll just get you into focus
    And swarm all over you just like a horde of locusts

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